Are You Ready To Breakthrough The Edge?



Feel like you're spinning your wheels? Maybe you hit a road block

and no matter what you do to move forward you find yourself back

at square one?  Yeah, I've been there too. Stuck in a constant revolving door

made up of my bullcrap and best selling stories of why I couldn't attain the things

I wanted in my life.

breakthrough - access to a new way of being

This is where you transform your life once and for all. It's time to put down the excuse bucket and own your bullcrap. 


Leave those stories behind that haven't been serving you. Choose new paths that are empowering and ignite you towards your continued growth. Become the SAUCE of your life and create a tastier, stress-free life!

Hey all I'm Aubrey, your Transformational Coach! I am trained in ontology, which is the study of Being. What does this mean? It means we will be looking at how you're relating to all things in your life and the impact it's creating, potentially blocking you from your dream life. Coaching is one of the most powerful and unique conversations to be in. Rather than talking about the 'why' we will be working on what you want to create by when from an empowered place.

Partnering with me means I will challenge you, disrupt your habits, support you, hold you accountable, 

stand for you to reach your goals, hard clap for every breakthrough you create, and remind you that you are one in a million and worthy of every single thing that you desire.

Reinvention is for EVERYONE. Whether you are a 'rookie' or an experienced 'big dog', reinvention elevates you to a bigger game. With that being said, Coaching is NOT for everyone and not for the faint of heart. Transformation is not based in luck and magic fairy dust, it takes commitment and action. Not everyone is willing, I get that!


If you are committed to the same disempowering patterns and stories, we will not be a good fit.

I work with creatives, women, and individuals who are ready to own their bullcrap and create a tastier, stress-free life based on your unique vision! Boldly Be.

Are you ready to breakthrough the edge?


Marissa B.

I am writing this testimonial recommending Aubrey with urgent enthusiasm! First of all..Aubrey is a delight to be around! Her energy is infectious and if you are looking to generate more joy and authenticity in your life then here is your coach Aubrey! Aubrey is a compassionate and active listener who always asks the right questions to get you curious and create movement in your life. I have so much gratitude for having worked alongside Aubrey  on my journey. Wise, intuitive, humorous and easy to connect with are some of the ways I’d describe her style. She is a star who shines so bright and she will call you to action to sparkle and share your luminous energy in the way only you can! If you are reading this right now and considering working with Aubrey I’d say go for it!! She is worth it and so are you.

Ashley B.

Aubrey Duncan is the real deal. Working with Aubrey has allowed me to unlock and become aware of endless possibilities and opportunities in my life. 2020 has been a major challenge for me; working with Aubrey has empowered me to feel creative and strong. The practices we have created together consistently remind me to put myself first, create goals in service of myself, stick to those goals and track real progress. I'm finally getting real with myself. I would highly recommend working with Aubrey. She has a great sense of relatability, I felt comfortable speaking with her immediately in our first session, and she helps me to continue showing up, no matter how comfortable or uncomfortable I may be. I've experienced more breakthroughs over the past 4 months than I have in years of talk therapy - coaching is extremely valuable to me and I'm looking forward to creating my future with Aubrey as a coaching partner. Even better - her personality rocks and she makes me smile :) 

Patrick O.

Aubrey is great!

She is encouraging and compassionate and she doesn't mess around or waste time. 

I like working with her because she holds

me accountable.

We work towards new projects and she supports me around declaring and fulfilling what I want and helps me stay out of

my own way every week.

I highly recommend working with her!